The TeethReconstructionSystem abbreviated ZRS according to dental technician master Manfred Wiedmann
The WORLD INNOVATION ZRS developed in long lasting research by the dental technician master Manfred Wiedmann is a great help in the specific production of all kinds of dental prostheses for front teeth.

With the help of this computer-aided method it is possible without any problems to calculate and design the shape and position of teeth. Moreover, the patient can see in advance what his dental prosthesis will look like afterwards, and he can chose between several designs for his new teeth.

Before you can buy and apply ZRS, it is mandatory to participate in one of our training course at our Steinheim training centre conducted by our experts. After the training, you will get a certificate and access data with the help of which you can login in on the next page and buy ZRS.

If you have not yet participated in our training course, you can register on the ZRS training page for one of our dates.

Participating in our training does not oblige you to buy our ZRS TeethReconstructionSystem. You need not decide on the day of training whether you want to buy ZRS or not.
For an efficient training, not more than 10 participants may register for each training course. If not enough participants are registered for a training course, we reserve the right to propose another date. The fees for the training must be paid in advance by credit card and won't be refunded in case of non-appearance on the training day.

If you participated in the training and decided to buy ZRS, you can log in on the next page using the access data which we sent to you after training. You will now enter a protected area which is reserved for ZRS buyers and users.

ZRS can easily be bought, installed and activated. These steps can also be accomplished without extended computer knowledge.